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As you may have already read on this site, I teach a  Sunday School Class for Married Couples at a Baptist church in Bossier City, Louisiana.  One week I was talking with some really good friends who are incredibly active in our they are in a lot of areas of life....she mentioned that one of the reasons they enjoy the class is due to the laughter that seems to occur during that hour, each week.  Then she went on to say that in the midst of their busy lives that there are weeks in which this is the only time she and her husband actually had a chance to laugh together.

As I heard that, I thought, "I wonder how many of us are the same way?"

It was at that point and time that I decided I would show a video clip at the beginning of each Sunday School class that is just something I found to be funny.  I didn't try to give it any spiritual relevance, there is no epiphany at the end, it is just for laughter.  Nothing else.  As a matter of fact, I have a sheet that I place on each of our round tables, that explains it to our visitors.

Sometimes they are funny, other times, I am the only one that thinks so, but either way it has given everyone in that room a chance to laugh with their spouse at least once that week.

I hope you enjoy...some you will....some you won't.


PS- I'll keep adding more as time goes by.  I have about 100 clips from prior weeks, for this category, plus I show a new one each week in our class....which will also be added.

PS for gripey people and legalists: I have not asked for background checks on any performer on any of these pages, nor have I done  this on you.  If you feel this is important, you probably will not enjoy these videos anyway, but thanks for stopping by.  I have tried to edit most of the questionable/objectionable language/references, but that is about it. 

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